Welcome to Future Whenua​

Our mission is to elevate land based innovation to new heights and bring a fresh perspective to New Zealand’s primary industries.

In an uncertain world, it’s critical to question old assumptions and seek bold solutions to big problems. Future Whenua was created to explore the cutting edge whilst retaining a grounded perspective in a real-world setting.

Join us as we create a unique initiative to bring prosperity and regeneration to Aotearoa and rethink the future of rural production.

March 15th– 17th

Ngawha Innovation Park, Northland


Sharp and directional, pushing frontiers and exploring the unknown.

Our mandate is to challenge convention and question assumption. Leaving no stone unturned in our quest to discover innovative solutions to our civilisations biggest challenges.


Grounded and firm, tradition and ancestral knowledge.

We are committed to ensuring that our practices and ethics are tied to honouring the land. This principal is a core tenet of our organisation and a critical part of building long term prosperity back into rural communities.

Watch the highlights from our
inaugural summit below

We have three areas of focus

Each project is considered under these 3 domains, an ecology project is likely to have a social and technological consideration and vice versa but for clarity we have listed projects under these three headings.

Check out the Current Projects and Future Projects pages
for further details.