Podcast Recommendation – The Birth of A New Humanity

We wanted to feature Zach Bush as part of this summit wrap-up but picking a singular example of his work proved tricky to say the least! Here is a great collaboration between Zach and Charles Eisenstein on the Aubrey Marcus podcast. The Birth of A New Humanity with Charles Eisenstein & Dr. Zach Bush MD […]

Book Recommendation – Laying Foundations for Reimagining Business

Steven Moe has written a fantastic primer on his thesis of reimagining business as a vehicle better suited to the challenges and opportunities of the future. This book of essays, written for a variety of reasons, can sit on their own but there is also a unity across them. This introductory book will be followed […]

Book Recommendation – Polyface Designs

Joel Salatin’s latest book is as suited to the coffee table as it is to the workshop, in Polyface designs, Joel and mechanical engineer Chris Slattery give the reader all the resources they need to construct mobile farm infrastructure for a more agile farming experience. The book has received glowing reviews from small block holders […]

Podcast Recommendation – Nutrition Farming

In a recent conversation with Zeb, Graeme mentioned this as one of his more popular podcast episodes, it’s a timely podcast with the rapidly increasing costs of NPK and other additives so give it a listen! Ten Tips to Reduce Input Costs – Chasing the Biggest Bang Nutrition Farming Podcast

Book Recommendation – Restoration Agriculture

For our first book recommendation, we’re going with Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard. You’ll be hearing more from us about Mark Shepard and the incredible potential of his methods, for now, this book would be a great place to start. “Around the globe most people get their calories from annual agriculture – plants that grow […]

The Regenerative Skills Podcast- Recommendation

The Regenerative Skills podcast (previously The Abundant Edge) is an excellent platform for getting inspiration and understanding of novel product concepts. In our uncertain world of lockdowns and travel restrictions, there is still a vast wealth of knowledge on youtube or Spotify, this podcast takes you to abundant edge farmers from around the world. In […]