Current Projects


Developing the next generation of Aotearoa’s homes using a combination of cutting edge technology and ancient materials.

Taking 3D printing to a new heights by using local biomass to build safe, beautiful and sustainable homes that combine organic form with discrete functionality.


The Riversdale Community Garden is the first outreach programme of the Initiative.

We are facilitating the transformation of an acre of unused land on a prominent corner of Riversdale’s main street. taking it from scrubby pasture to a thriving plot with regenerative production techniques where the community can grow together.



Music and Arts Festival. Connecting farmers, festival goers, circus folk and spiritualists alike.

We have grown the festival from the ground up and in 2019 attracted almost 1000 attendees. Like many we were forced to alter our plans in 2020 but Burning Horse 2022 is set to be our biggest event yet.


Agricultural entrepreneurship training for the aspiring rural professional of the future.

The goal of the Cadetship is to provide preparation for a rural life or career. A unique hands-on work experience. Cadets are exposed to projects from agri-tourism, event management, regenerative agriculture, eco-construction and more.


Polyculture Paddock is a growing method based on blending diverse selections of flowers, herbs and vegetable species meant for human use or consumption.

It is a low input, high output system, maximising the range of produce and duration of harvest. Converting lawn or pasture to hyper productive garden using agricultural equipment.