Future Whenua Summit 2022

Mark your calendars and ready your maps! We are very happy to announce the location and dates for Future Whenua Summit 2022.

From the inception of the Future Whenua Summit, we wanted to alternate host locations for the summit between The Montana Flat and other rural properties employing innovative and ecological principles. It is a true pleasure to announce that next year we’ll be heading up to Mangarara Station in the Hawkes Bay for the 25th – 27th of March 2022.

Mangarara Station – (“The Family Farm”)

Greg and Rachel manage around 650 cows, a handful of sheep, 20 pigs and 30 laying hens. They supply butcher shops directly, milk cows through the spring to rear 100 calves and provide milk to the pigs. Mobs are rotated frequently on high covers.

There is 12ha of old Native forest and they have planted 20ha of natives in partnership with Air New Zealand, there is also a 4ha paddock planted in Oaks (whose acorns are currently feeding the pigs).

The Harts have planted 30 ha of Silvopasture with a mixture of tree species planted in rows 20m apart to provide shade, shelter, nutrient cycling, biodiversity habitat, drought fodder and tree species for animals to self medicate and as a potential revenue stream (carbon credits)

Their beautiful lake-front guest lodge has room 18 guests and is all about connecting people back to the land through food and time in nature.

“Permaculture principles are used as much as possible and so the lodge has multiple functions including being an education space as we all have much to learn on our regenerative journey as we relearn about how we can best work with nature rather than the mindset of domination and control. Our transition into what is now called regenerative agriculture began in the early 2000s as we began to connect the dots between “the 3 E’s” (Energy, Environment and Economy) as well as the connection between soil health, human health and planetary health. It is a long road and we will continue to deepen our understanding and learning.” – Greg Hart

The farm vision is all about “Optimising Life” or the longer version “The Family Farm is committed to producing healthy food, ethical animal husbandry, regenerative land stewardship, building community and the local economy and providing accommodation, education and inspiration”

Greg’s personal commitment is “In service to the evolution of life on earth”

Mangarara was recently featured in the Action Ecology web series, if you want an in-depth look at the family farm then check it out!
Cant wait to see you all there!

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