LITHOS is an exciting new project by Future Whenua Initiative, exploring new paths to a regenerative construction industry in Aotearoa using common materials found right beneath our feet. 

Combining ancient practices with cutting edge automation we offer landscape art installations, community food infrastructure and novel experiential spaces as we push to progress New Zealand’s housing development to a more flourishing future.


Taking 3D printing out of the factory and onto the land. Developing the next generation of homes tuned for Aotearoa’s unique conditions, encouraging the industry at large to consider a new era of sustainable fabrication.   

We are partnering with WASP (Bologna, Italy) the world leaders in 3D printing with natural materials and will be conducting R&D in multiple locations throughout New Zealand to develop a diverse range of structures from multi-room homes that blend into their environment to temporary dwellings for events, festivals & disaster relief.

If you’d like to know more we invite you to explore the following documents and you can get in touch with us via email or phone: – +64 20 40247288