Future Whenua Yarns

Come join the yarn! Future Whenua Yarns is our new podcast where we are talking about the future of land use and how we can radically improve our environmental footprint through progressive practices and radical innovation.

We are privileged to play host to some of the most powerful minds globally in food production, technology development, community facilitation and so much more. Episode frequency will vary as we work around these universally busy folks but we’ll try to keep the yarns coming on a regular basis.

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We had the pleasure of hosting the team from CarbonCrop on Future Whenua Yarns recently and got into a fascinating round-table style discussion. CarbonCrop helps forest owners to determine if they are eligible for the ETS, and if so, to measure the amount of carbon dioxide being absorbed by their land. CarbonCrop utilises AI analysis of satellite and aerial images to measure tree growth and carbon absorption rates which avoids manual site visits and direct inspection.

We will be watching closely as this space matures, its a potentially contentious subject and one that’s in dire need of open discussion so we look forward to carrying on the conversation with CarbonCrop as they grow.

Jeremy Lent joins us this week to talk about one of the most profound topics. Jeremy is an author whose writings investigate the patterns of thought that have led our civilization to its current crisis of sustainability. His award-winning book, The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning , explores the way humans have made meaning from the cosmos from hunter-gatherer times to the present day.

We are honoured to have hosted Jeremy on Future Whenua Yarns and look forward to talking more with Mr Lent in future!


A special episode this week as Zeb & Rob sit down where it all began to talk about the origins of Future Whenua and what the organisation exists to do. We go over the critical importance of resourcefulness, how we see ourselves in the innovation ecosystem and what is it that makes us unique. Please remember to like our content, subscribe to our channel, sign up for the Future Whenua newsletter and share our content wherever you feel its appropriate. Enjoy!

This episode isn’t specifically agriculturally focused but as Simon Sinek writes, it pays to ‘Start with Why’. Forming an understanding of our mission and purpose is foundational to powerful steps forward with the rest of the topics we will focus on so who better to take us through the topic than a global expert!

Holly Woods is a global purpose leader based in her new home of Colorado. Holly joins us this week to talk about mentoring purpose-driven leaders & visionaries. Creating strategies & systems aligned with what matters to you for greater impact & success.

Holly’s Website – https://emergenceinstitute.net

Holly’s Socials – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hollywoods

Holly’s Book – “The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life”


Shane Ward from Action Ecology joins us this week to talk about systems design and big picture thinking in an era of exponential change and corresponding opportunity. This is a 2 part podcast, firstly we have Shane’s 5 minute presentation from the Future Whenua Summit 2022 and then we have the interview between Zeb and Shane.


Lisa Warbrick presented a short clip at FWS22 after a last minute change meant she was unable to attend. We caught up recently for a korero on her mahi and that of the Maori Agribusiness Collective. We touch on a number of cultural whakaaro (ideas) and a few important solutions for the rural sector.

Both presentation, and korero are included within.


The Second Future Whenua Yarns Podcast!

We couldn’t be happier to welcome the amazing Kaila Colbin to the Future Whenua Yarns podcast, Kaila has been a pillar of New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem and is the founder of BOMA thats offering world class training and events to the innovators that call NZ home.

Kaila joins us to give the lowdown on what we can expect at the upcoming E Tipu agri-summit. We were excited for the event already but now the anticipation is palpable. The yarn flows through some of Kaila’s other work where we hear about an experience organizing Ted x Antarctica. We also get to take home insights how to develop courageous leadership.

Behind any powerful event or rich experience is a champion like Kaila so it was an honour to have this conversation before the brilliant E Tipu 2022.

Stay tuned!


The inaugural Future Whenua Yarns podcast!

We are kicking things off with a bang as Zeb chats with The Founder of Regen Villages, James Ehrlich. James is a man after our own interests, his interest in 3D printed structures, Buckminster Fuller, hempcrete, the merger of ecology and technology through his eco-village design software was fine fodder for discussion and we hope to carry on the conversation with James as our respective efforts evolve!

We got into the weeds on human nature and the ways we live and we hope there is something for everyone in this first episode.

Stay tuned!