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Welcome to the Future Whenua Initiative YouTube channel, here you’ll find all of our video content from “Montana Flat sessions” with Ryan to away missions with Zeb or the talks from the 2022 Future Whenua Summit. We are a young channel so every single subscriber counts, if you like our content then please go ahead and subscribe, like and share the content!

Direct seeding multispecies mixes!

Riversdale Community Garden - Open Day

Sunrise over the Montana Flat

Syntropic Agroforestry Initiation - big tools make it easy!

Pieter Brits - Direct Seeding Natives - FWS23

firewood days on the Montana Flat!

Closing Talks - FWS23

Zeb - Polyculture Paddock - FWS23

Dr Andrew Alcorn & Nathan Surendran - FWS23

Polyculture Paddock - Roadside application

FWS23 - Highlights

Robyn Guyton - FWS23

Rochelle Francis Barr - Good Food Road Map

Earth Building Workshop - FWS23

Aimee Blake - Future Farmers & Girls who Grow - FWS23

Daniel Jones & Jesse Bythell - FWS23

Richard Kite - FWS23

Opening Talks - FWS23

Bio Space Horse - A Burning Horse pre-event

Property Tour 2023

Polyculture Paddock Implementation

Future Whenua Summit 2023!

Future Whenua Yarns - Cody Tucker

Future Whenua Yarns - Project LITHOS

Happy sheep, Healthy soils - Winter grazing management

Valuing Waste - Hedgerow Mulching

Future Whenua Yarns - Julian Noel

Future Whenua Yarns - CarbonCrop

Future Whenua Yarns - Jeremy Lent

Riversdale Community Garden - Winter Round-up

Future Whenua Yarns - Zeb & Rob

Future Whenua Yarns - Holly Woods

Future Whenua Yarns - Shane Ward

Mike Green - FWS22

Future Whenua Yarns - Lisa Warbrick

Erin Crampton - FWS22

Graeme Sait - FWS22

Future Whenua Yarns - Kaila Colbin

Future Whenua Yarns - Regen Villages

Zane"s No Dig Gardening Workshop - FWS22

Zach Bush & Q&A - FWS22

Steven Moe - FWS22

Finn Ross - FWS22

Brad Lake - FWS22

Joel Salatin - FWS22

Samantha Walmsley-Bartlett - FWS22

Rachel Pomeroy - FWS22

Greg"s Farm Tour - FWS22

Robbie Hill"s Workshop - FWS22

Zeb"s Opening Talk - FWS22